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Fantastic experience! The team at Kock Aesthetic Dentistry is top-notch. They are super-friendly and very caring. I initially went in for treatment for neruromuscular dentistry involving TMD/TMJ and I went through their TruDenta program. During the process I was also treated for some gum disease that was starting to get pretty bad. They helped me to get rid of my gum disease as well. I will continue to go to them for dental care for years to come.

The TruDenta program that Dr. Koch utilizes helped my jaw to get in to a more natural state, and involves self-treatments that are easy to follow, and he also made me a night splint to wear overnight to help with clinching and grinding. It has and continues to bring a lot of relief to headaches and has alleviated a lot of the pain and discomfort from jaw popping/clicking. He continues to be involved in my treatment from orthodontics and future jaw surgery.

I cannot recommend them highly enough, as Dr. Koch is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and an expert in his field. Ashley is super fun to get to know during TruDenta visits and everything else that she does. She is also quite pretty, and great fun to talk to. Yvette is the best dental hygienist I have ever had, and is very soothing and caring for those that might be a little apprehensive about dental cleanings.

Christopher W.

Dr. Koch not only corrected my bite and TMJ problems, he gave me a beautiful smile too!