TMJ/TMD Treatment

Effective TMD Treatment In Birmingham

TMD headache relief Birmingham dentist Mountain Brook ALDr. Koch uses the TruDenta system for TMJ treatment for his Birmingham area clients. The TruDenta system is used for migraine and headache relief, general pain relief, and as a TMJ treatment. This kind of TMJ treatment is revolutionary because it is entirely pain and drug-free.

TruDenta Testing

Before beginning the TruDenta TMJ treatment program, you will need a detailed assessment. This assessment will allow Dr. Koch to diagnose the cause of your symptoms as TMD. Once this is determined, he will be able to get a clear idea of your unique needs so that he can effectively provide headache relief and freedom from your other symptoms.

This TruDenta testing includes analyzing your bite, measuring head and neck motion, examining all the surrounding muscles, and asking you about your medical history and needs.

TMJ Treatment with TruDenta

When Dr. Koch is aware of your TMD needs, he can begin TMJ treatment at his Birmingham dentist office near Mountain Brook. The TruDenta method requires between one and twelve weekly therapy sessions. Each treatment session takes less than an hour.These treatments do not involve needles or any pain at all. The doctor will not prescribe you any medication. TMJ treatment will result in long-lasting headache relief as well as relief from other pain.

TMJ treatment Mountain Brook and BirminghamTreatment for TMD with TruDenta involves ultrasound therapy, trigger point therapy, electrical currents, and light therapy–all painless. Ultrasound therapy improves circulation in the body, relieving strained muscles and reducing the body’s scar tissue. Trigger point therapy stimulates the muscles to ease any tension or pain. Electrocurrent helps with inflamed muscles and lactic acid, which relieves muscle soreness, and light therapy promotes healing in the muscles and joints.

If you have been dealing with the symptoms of TMD, you deserve some headache relief. With the TruDenta system, Dr. Koch can treat your TMJ disorder and offer you that long-lasting comfort. Call our Birmingham dentist office today if you are in the area, including Mountain Brook!