Ear and Neck Pain

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TMJ and Neck Pain Solutions In Birmingham

Another common symptom that comes with TMJ disorder is neck pain. This could be stiffness, misalignment, or chronic aching in the neck and shoulders. Because jaw muscles are attached to neck muscles, when the jaw is not at its best, neck pain can occur. It can work the other way, too–if you have issues with neck pain or stiffness, this could result in problems with the jaw.

Neck pain relief is one of the benefits Dr. Koch offers at his Birmingham dentist practice. Neck pain can become easily aggravated with daily tasks such as sitting at a computer. Those who are constantly stretching and massaging their necks and shoulders deserve some neck pain relief. Treatment for TMD can be the way to receive that neck pain relief.

TMJ and Ear Pain

Many people suffering from ear pain mistake TMJ disorder for an ear infection. The reality is that most ear pain that adults suffer is the result of TMD. This is because the temporomandibular joint is near the ear canal. The nerves and muscles of the TMJ and the ear are intertwined, so TMJ disorder can easily cause ear pain. This ear pain sometimes worsens when the jaw is being used.

No one should have to experience the sensation of an ear infection on a regular basis. A visit to Dr. Koch for pain-free TMJ therapy can be your escape ear pain.

TMJ and Ringing in Ears

neck pain relief Mountain Brook dentist in Birmingham ALThis irritating buzzing or ringing in the ears is called tinnitus, and it is frequently brought on by TMD. At times, it is no more than occasionally frustrating. In other cases, tinnitus can be neverending, keeping people up at night and becoming unbearable.

Ringing in ears is associated with the TMJ because of the closeness of the jaw and ear muscles. The TMJ is also connected to the part of the brain that processes sound. Hearing can be affected by issues that originate in the jaw.

TMJ and Congested Ears

Another issue tied to the ears and the TMJ is ear congestion. When the muscles of the jaw are strained, the muscles in the ear that connect to the ear drum also become stressed. All of the muscles and joints in the region are working harder, which can cause ear pain, ringing, and ear congestion. Surrounding sounds can seem more muffled. The pressure in the ears can feel imbalanced, creating a stuffy feeling.

Get Relief from Ear and Neck Pain in Birmingham!

One treatment from Dr. Koch can result in neck pain relief, lessened ear pain, and no more ringing or congestion in the ears. Call our Birmingham dentist office today to get ear pain and neck pain relief if you are in the area, including Mountain Brook!