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TMJ dentist Birmingham AL and Mountain Brook for headache relief

Welcome to Koch Aesthetic Dentistry!

A Life with TMD

Over ten million people in the United States suffer from the jaw pain, difficulty eating, and throbbing headaches that come with TMD. If these uncomfortable symptoms are interfering with your daily life, it is time to find a solution. Dr. Koch offers comfort and headache relief through the TruDenta System.

Your jawbone has many functions, including promoting regular eating and talking. The jaw must be able to handle exerting the force that it takes to bite down, chew, yawn, and move in various directions all day long. If your jaw is getting stuck, clicking, or not functioning properly, your daily life just isn’t the same. On top of that, those who have TMD also suffer from frequent headaches–that can be a serious distraction from your responsibilities. Other symptoms include aching ears, facial pain, neck pain, and the joint locking to the point that you cannot open or close your mouth.

A Solution for TMD

coupleHeadache relief and freedom from your other symptoms is all possible. Dr. Koch knows how to aid those suffering from the symptoms of jawbone discomfort.

When you visit Dr. Koch, he can determine the treatable symptoms of your TMD with an exam and a questionnaire. He can then treat your TMD and your headaches with the TruDenta System. This system does not use drugs or needles, and is pain-free. Instead, the system utilizes a combination of electrical stimulation, muscular therapy, and low-level laser treatment. You will even be given instructions for at-home care, so that you can keep your pain under control at all times. The result of the TruDenta system is long-lasting relief from pain and headaches.

There’s no need to tolerate the pain of TMD headaches and jaw tenderness any longer. Call into Dr. Koch’s Birmingham dentist office and set up an appointment so you can discover headache relief and improved daily comfort if you are in the area, including Mountain Brook.

For a full list of all dental procedures offered by Dr. Koch and his Birmingham dentist team, please visit our main website.


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